Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

I heard Tinsley coming up the stairs as she asked David if she could please bring me my card.  I knew David would tell her not to until I was awake but I know that eager feeling of wanting to give a present or card to someone so I quickly shouted, "I'm awake!" 
"Dad, she's awake!"
Love the sound of her little feet running... she busts open the door.  "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, MOMMY!  I made you this beautiful card.... and this picture of a birthday cake!" Then I hear another pair of feet coming... "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!"  Soon all five of us were on the bed.  Tinsley says, "Mom, I hope you have the best Mother's Day today.  We are going to do everything we can to make it special.  Whooooooo loves Mother's Day?!" We all shouted, "I DO!!!!"  Tinsley then tells us all to put our hands in for a cheer.  "Ready?  GooooooOOOOOOOO Mother's Day!"  I love this girl's enthusiasm! Love all my girls.  Love being a mother.
I had a great mother's day. 

Like most mothers... I thought a lot about motherhood as mother's day was approaching.  I thought about being a mother.  I thought about all the mothers in my life.  I thought about my mother....

 As a little girl I remember my answer was always the same, 
“I want to be a mom when I grow up.”
I wanted to do just what my mom did.  I wanted to send my husband off to work with a kiss and a peeled orange in a piece of Tupperware and a napkin.  I wanted to make breakfast for my kids, pack their lunches, kneel and pray with them before they caught the bus.  When they accidently left their lunches at home I wanted to drop off it at school for them with a little note inside saying how much I loved them. I wanted to make grasshopper pie for family night. I wanted to have a hug and kiss waiting for them when they got home from school as well as a special snack.  I wanted to make “sick beds” on the couch when they got sick and give them as many popsicles as they wanted. I wanted to do laundry. I wanted to wear an apron. I wanted to comfort when my kids had been hurt. I wanted to give my kids rides.  I wanted to make dinner. I wanted to make chore charts. I wanted to help with homework.  I wanted to help with projects. I wanted to volunteer at the school. I wanted to pay bills.  I wanted to clean once white shoes until they were white again (she was the best at that!) I wanted to iron my husband’s shirts. I wanted to have vacuumed floors and cozy lamps turned on when my husband came home. I wanted to organize. I wanted to grocery shop.  I wanted to tuck my kids in. I wanted to wake my kids up by kisses all over their faces.  I wanted to quote scriptures and inspirational quotes to my family.  I wanted my children to not feel like a burden but a pleasure to serve.  I wanted to have family scripture study and prayer before bed.  I wanted to French braid hair.  I wanted to put fresh sheets on the beds. I wanted to tie shoes and kiss skinned knees.  I wanted to go to the post office.  I wanted to lay in the bed talking about anything and everything with my kids. I wanted a baby…. To rock, feed, change, sing to, snuggle, teach, love. I wanted to make my home smell good and feel good the way she did. I wanted to be to my kids what my mom was to me.  I appreciate how she always told me how much she loved being a wife and mother.  I love that she felt blessed to be a stay at home mom. 
Because of the kind of mother my mom was…. I wanted to be a mother.  I want my children to love and cherish me and way I do her.  I want to make life as wonderful for them as she did for me. I love my mom and I love being a mom!  It is hard but there is nothing else in the world I would rather do!  I only wish I found doing laundry and ironing as exciting as I did when I was a child… ;)


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Brooke said...

HEY!!! I'm so glad you instagrammed that you blog here because I had no idea you had this blog! Yay!

So.. Happy Mother's Day to you! I loved that description of all of teh things your mom did (and you do too) to make life wonderful for your family. It's in those little details, like making the house smell good (mine always smelled like sweet lemons, yum!) that our families know how much we love them.

Great post! Love you!