Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Look what's in the oven....

Baby #2 due April 14, 2010

Monday, October 26, 2009

You know you've made an awful dinner when you have a conversation like this...

Me: This isn't very good.
David: It is good- I like it!
(He was just trying to make me feel good)

A few bites later...

Me: This isn't good at all! I don't think I can eat it anymore.
David: There is something kind of different about it...
Me: Yeah I know. What is it? It smelt great.
David: It smelt awesome. Looks good too. But there is something... I can't figure it out.
Me: Well I'm going to throw mine out. I'm going to throw out all of the leftovers too.
David: But there is so much left over! It seems like such a waste...
Me: I know, but you know we won't eat it.
David: Yeah I guess. I hate that we bought all that chicken today and now you are just going to throw it out. That chicken was expensive.
Me: Um babe, there wasn't any chicken in this.
David: Oh.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Waiting for daddy

Every time I tell Tinsley daddy is coming home she waits by the window. It is so cute! She loves her daddy. So do I! He is the best dad and husband ever. Tinsley agrees that we are both pretty lucky to have such a wonderful man in our lives.

Procrastinating posting

I have no problem stalking other's blogs. Never have had that problem... probably never will. :) But I do have a problem posting. For some reason I always say "I'll post later." Nope. Doesn't happen. Then I get SO far behind that I definitely don't want to post because I have TOO much to catch everyone up on. So, you know what? I'm just gonna quickly tell you what's been going on since my last post....

-We took a few trips... I spent a few days at the
beach with friends... babyless... my husband is the best! Tinsley and I headed out west to Utah to visit my good friend Brynne... such a fun
trip- we had too much fun!
Love and miss you Brynne!

This was us on our "Mommy's night out."
We went out in our sweats... best ever!
We went to the movies and laughed our heads off!

We met up with David in Colorado for my sister-in-law Janet's wedding. We had a great time hanging out with fam :)
I love how Tinsley has her hand on the bride's shoulder

And my baby turned 1!!! Still can't believe
it. She is getting too big... TOO FAST!!

She didn't really know what to do or think when we were all singing happy birthday...

She also wasn't sure what do to with the cupcake... but she soon got the idea.
Here I am trying to get her to share... she wanted that thing to herself!

We got her a baby stroller and she LOVED it! She would not let go. Here she is taking her cousin Ila Mae for a ride...