Friday, March 28, 2008

I've been tagged!!!!

My sister in law Becky Tagged me!

Where were you born? Chesterfield, Virginia

Middle name? Collins

How old will you be this year? I turned 20 in Feb.

Nicknames? Cate Cate

Are you taller than your mother or father? I'm taller than my mom

Do you cry often during movies? Yeah... more now than ever since I'm pregnant... haha

What is your biggest pet peeve? Mean people

Favorite color(s)? Baby blue, pink, green

Favorite food(s)? Strawberries, ramen noodles, biscuits and gravy, corn bread, good old southern cookin'.... this is making me hungry!

Favorite restaurants? Olive garden, La tolteca, and now Texas de Brazil (Thanks Becky and Anthony!)

Favorite smells? Campfires, clean babies and my parent's house

Favorite time of the day? When David is home :)

What brand of shampoo/conditioner do you use? It changes almost all the time...

What brand of make-up products? Mac and all kinds from wal-mart :)

How many pillows do you sleep with? 1

Do you play an instrument? No

Have you ever been skinny dipping? Haha well you see there is this river by my house growing up.... but don't worry- No boys!

Did you play any sports in High School? I played basketball and ran cross country and I am not good at any of these anymore...

What was the last movie you saw in the theatre? I can't even remember... sad.

What is your favorite article of clothing? My everyday jeans

What is your dream vacation? I really want to go on a cruise

What was your first impression of your spouse? What a little gangster... ha!

If you were an animal, what would you be? A pig

What is your dream car? 4runner

What is one of your weaknesses? I talk too much...

What do you fix for dinner when there is nothing to fix? Wendy's...

If you could live in a different decade/era what would it be? I am happy with the decade I am living

What is the emotion you feel the most? Tired

Do you consider yourself outgoing? yeah

What is something you are constantly working on? Being a good wife

Any hidden talents? Hmm.. not sure

What is a word or phrase you overuse? "Are you gonna eat that?" ;)

What is the best thing that has happened to you this past year? Getting married and then pregnant

What is one thing you hope to accomplish this year? Delivering a healthy baby :)

The best piece of advise you learned this past year? Put the Lord first and He will ALWAYS provide a way.

Thanks Becky, this was fun! I tag Tia, my cousin Breezy and Lindsey