Monday, October 17, 2011

Lovers getaway

A few weeks ago David and I flew down to Florida to lay in the sun, relax, and enjoy each other's company with no distractions. We stayed at Orange Lake resort. All I wanted to do was sleep in, float down the mile long "lazy river" pool, eat, and nap. So that's what we did... every day. We also went to 3 movies while we were down there. I couldn't remember the last time just David and I went to the movies. Some may think that isn't much of a vacation but there was nothing else I would have wanted to do. It was wonderful. My mom watched the girls for us. She is the best. I can fully relax and enjoy myself when I know they are with my mom. But I did miss them a lot so we skyped and talked on the phone a few times throughout the trip. :)
I am grateful for my husband for taking me on this little getaway. We had a great time staying up late, chatting and laughing. I just love being with him. I know it is important to take time to be alone with your spouse and really connect. I am big on date nights... it's hard with kiddos but there are always ways to improvise. This past weekend we had our date night on the drive way after the girls were in bed. We brought out lots of blankets and pillows and snuggled up in the chilly weather. We don't have street lights in our neighborhood so it was extremely dark.... the sky was clear and the stars were very bright. The date was free and one of the best. Win/win situation- I highly recommend it :)

Virginia State Fair

I have always loved the state fair. I love the smell of delicious, fried food the second you walk in. I love WATCHING the risky rides in action. I used to love riding them until my brother and I almost fell out of one. True story. So scary. Never again. This was the first year that we took the girls. There are a ton of kid rides. Tinsley has no fear. She would ride every ride there if they let her. We stayed about 7 hours. There were no lines so the girls (mostly Tinsley) rode and rode and rode. We had two exhausted little ladies when we got home that night but it was well worth it.

Pure happiness in that cute little face right there. They rode that slide at least 10 times.

I wish this picture showed Blakely's face better- she loved that ride. Blakely didn't ride too many rides... she preferred dancing to the music while big sister and daddy rode them.

This ride would whip around so fast. Tinsley was in heaven.

David and Tinsley on the dragon roller coaster. Hands up the whole time!

Super fast ride that T-Bo loved.

Dumbo ride

I love my family!

This baby was born just an hour before we took this picture. We saw it stand up and walk around for the first time.

Fried snickers. Need I say more? It was beyond delicious. We did not hold back. We also had fried mac-n-cheese, rib tips with mashed potatoes, and homemade ice cream. We also enjoyed multiple drinks of orangeade and lemonade. The first guy who made our lemonade had a conversation with me that went like this....

Lemonade guy: Looks like you're about pop!
Me: Oh I know but I actually have a few months left.
Lemonade guy: Really? Wow, you're going to be big as a house!

Haha oh it was so funny! I can't blame the guy for thinking I am about to pop... I get that a lot. But to say I am going to be as big as house? I probably should have been offended but I seriously wasn't. My weight gain during my pregnancies amaze me as well. My doctor has told me that people normally gain 25-30 pounds. I have 13 weeks left and I have already gained 30! I gained 60 pounds with Blakely and a LITTLE less with Tinsley. I'm hoping not to pass 60 pounds this pregnancy but with the holiday's coming up it just may happen. Oh well. I'll worry about that after the baby gets here. Until then... mama wants it all! :)