Monday, February 25, 2008

Gooooo Knights!!!!

The SVU men's basketball team is going to Nationals! They are all so very pumped and very excited.... especially #3... you know, David Borland, the best looking one on the team ;) Anyways, the games start on Thursday and go til Saturday night for the Championship game. They have a really good chance of playing in that game too. They just beat the team that is ranked #2 in the National tournament the other night, so cross your fingers that they will do it again this week! I am very excited because David surprised me with a plane ticket to fly out and watch the games- he's so good to me. So here's to my favorite baller ever....

Thanks babe- I can't wait to watch you at Nationals! Good luck- I'll be cheering for ya the whole time. Dunk it for me in the game! I love you-xo