Saturday, June 6, 2009

Third post in one day but I had to post this!

This is Jarrett.  He lives here in town.  The Sister missionaries met him at a restaurant.  He was their waiter.  The Sister's began talking to him about the gospel and invited him to learn more.  He was very interested and invited them to teach him the lessons in his home.  The Sister's called me to see if I would come along.  We went to his home and taught him.  He was wonderful and was very receptive to everything.  He began reading the Book of Mormon and praying.  He came to church and had some lessons in our home.  Jarrett decided to be baptized.  We are so happy for him!  He asked David to baptize him.

It was so amazing watching Jarrett come into the gospel.  As he took the lessons, read the scriptures, prayed, and came to church you could see such a difference in him.  He looked happier.  He WAS happier.  Living the gospel makes you happy.   He is so grateful for the gospel.  He said it has changed his life for the better and he is so grateful for it.  He is such an example to me.  Jarrett says he is so grateful the Sister missionaries found him and invited him to learn more about the church because it has blessed his life and will continue to bless his life forever.  This experience has motivated me to share the gospel more.  I know there are so many people out there waiting to hear the gospel just like Jarrett was.  Knowing Jarrett now it would hurt me to think about him not having the gospel.  For him to have to go through this life not knowing what we know.  I pray I will be able to not be afraid to open my mouth and share what I know.... The truth!  

9 months

Pictures our friend Garrett Ross took for us about 6 months ago

Thursday, June 4, 2009

4 generations