Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Ben!

Happy Birthday to my oldest brother...

Ben is a great brother.  I have always loved my brother Ben.  He has always made me feel so loved.  When I was little he would often bring in the mat into my room and sleep on my floor.  We would laugh as we quoted movies and played the game where he would “pass out” from my breath.  Ben has always been respectful of me.  I remember going to rent movies with him.  One particular time there was a movie being played in the store where some foul language was used.  Ben went to the front and asked them if they would please turn the movie off while we looked around because he had his little sister with him and did not want me to hear that filth.  I would ride around with Ben in “two toned” (his truck that was half blue and half brown) and we would make up funny raps about the truck and how ghetto it was.  I enjoyed riding around with him, but there was this one time that we were riding past some of my friends.  I immediately ducked down because I did not want to be seen in the ugly truck (I was such a brat!)  Next thing I know, Ben turned that truck around, held me up and laid on the horn while driving past my friends. Haha it was hilarious!
Ben has always been kind and loving to me. I know he would do anything for me.  Ben is a worker and serves a lot.  He has done so many things to help and serve me over the years… and without one complaint! A few years ago, Ben met a guy name Josh in one of his classes.  Josh is blind.  Ben has been such a good friend to him.  He invites him to his family gatherings, takes him grocery shopping, gives him rides, and takes him to do fun things. Ben is such a good friend to him and great example to me.  When Ben finished his 2 year mission in Sacramento, my parents and I went to go pick him up.  We met some of the people he served and shared the gospel with.  The day we left Sacramento to head back to Virginia, the airport was filled with many of those people. It touched my heart to see them sobbing because of the love and appreciation they had for Elder Redfern.  He had done so much for them.  He had so much love for them and they had felt it.
When I think of my brother Ben I think of our mutual love for candy, laughing,  my birthday bubble gum machines, his pearly whites, his good manners, hard work, the service he gives and the friend he is. 

I love you, Ben.  You are a blessing to me, Spencer, and Taylor.  Happy Birthday! 
 Ps. I’m still waiting for every single beanie baby every made and my horse as well…


Brooke said...

We love Ben, too. It was fun to read your memories, because a lot of them remind me of my older brother. Especially the horn honking! haha! Trevor came to pick me up from school once, but was like 20 minutes early and saw me through one of the windows. I ducked down cause he was driving my mom's old, gross green minivan. He started honking the horn and yelling out, "Brookie Chapman! Your ride is here!" it was SO embarrassing but hilarious. Oh, brothers.

Anyway, I hope Ben had a great birthday. Me and Steven were talking about the people we most admire the other day, and we both said "BEN" at the same time ;) Love you all!

Mary said...

That was so sweet, thanks for sharing!